Types of Aluminium Window

There are various types of window aluminum windows available in the market. One should keep in mind certain things such as space occupied, maintenance needed ease of use before deciding which type of aluminum window they want to install in their pretty homes for synergy. Have a look on various option available below:

  • Aluminium Bi-fold Windows – They are easy to clean with minimal maintenance. Great access to the beautiful outdoor space. You can get a durable smooth operation. It provides an undisturbed space in-between the frames.
  • Aluminum Tilt Turn Windows – They enable horizontal as well as vertical movement. As they open inwards, these are ideal for houses with limited space outside their houses. They are very easy to clean.
  • Aluminium Sliding Windows – They are the most popular type of aluminum windows. They are operated by sliding them from one side to another. Easy to operate with low maintenance.
  • Aluminium Casement Windows – They are ideal for the houses located at an angle where the breeze blows. You can breathe lots of fresh air with this type of window in your house. They can be opened at an angle to funnel in the gentle breezes into your house. There are casement locks are embedded into the frame for security.

Various other types of aluminum windows available are aluminum arch windowsAluminium curved windows and aluminum fixed windows.

Features of Aluminium Window

Aluminium Window comes with lots of features that attracts customers. But while choosing the aluminum window you should certainly look into some of the basic features. Here are some features to be found when opting for aluminum windows:

  • Aluminum is one of the strongest material available today. With aluminum windows, you should be able to choose larger glass panels to get a greater view of your surroundings.
  • Aluminum windows should be double glazed to reduce your gas heated home’s CO2 output, this provides 3 times the energy savings compared to what is required to produce them. Opting for aluminum windows can positively influence your home’s efficiency as well as the surrounding environment.
  • Aluminum windows can be sprayed with any color of your choice. This gives you an opportunity to customize your windows to fit in with any color scheme of your like, making you are living a truly personalized experience.
  • High-performance aluminum windows can easily exceed require energy efficiency standards. They effectively trap heat energy and abstain it to escape from your home.
  • Aluminum is chemically stable making it robust and stable. It is able to withstand the harshest of exposure and remain stunning and evergreen in all weather.
  • Aluminum windows are architect’s material of choice due to its flexibility and versatility in terms of design. With limitless coloring capability, they even fit most traditional properties.
  • Aluminum windows have a lifespan of about 30 years and up. As compared to any other, this seems to be highly durable. Hence, you can be assured that your investment is for long-term return.
  • An aluminum window can boast thinner frames because of their strength, making lighter to enter the home. This leaves the window with a much cleaner looking more aesthetic.
  • Aluminum windows can easily internally be glazed to provide security against potential intruders.

Components of Aluminium Window

There are various components of aluminum windows. Various components of aluminum windows and their major function are as follow:

  • Frame: It contains the sash and holds the window to the wall with the help of edge brackets.
  • Head and Sill: Head and Sill are the horizontal part of the main frame.
  • Jamb: Jamb is the vertical part of the main frame.
  • Sash: The moveable component of the window is called Sash. It can move due to metalwork.
  • Metalwork: Due to metalwork turning the sash is possible. It consists of hinges which allow the rotation of the sash through clamps.
  • Latch: The mechanism which to open and close the window.
  • Glazing bead: It fixes the glazing and holds the glass against the sash.
  • Glazing/Glass: The transparent part of the window responsible for allowing the sunlight to pass through is called glazing/glass.
  • Muntin/panels: The portion dividing the glazing is muntins/panels.
  • Weather-strip: The part which prevents air from entering through joints between the frame and the sash.
  • Pivot hinge: This part at the top limits windows opening.

Applications of Aluminium Window

Various application for aluminum windows are:

  • High-performance aluminum windows provide high energy efficiency standards.
  • They don’t swell, crack, split or warp over time; making it a durable and long-lasting product life.
  • Aluminum is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Aluminum is easy to recycle and can be used in to manufacture different utility things.
  • Aluminum windows help to reduce carbon footprint by three times that required to produce the aluminum windows, in just one year. Over the lifetime, energy savings heavily outweigh the initial input by over 100 times. For places with electrical heating, or cooling for homes in hot climates, these savings could run up to 300 times.
  • Aluminum serves as a quite cheap option. With payback periods on aluminum windows quite small, it offers high improvement in performance.
  • Aluminum provides a good option with design flexibility as per user’s requirement.

Advantages of Aluminium Window

  • Durability and Low Maintenance: Aluminium is corrosion resistant providing very low maintenance and is highly resistant to the external environment under harsh conditions. It will not swell, crack, split or warp over time; ensuring a durable and long-lasting product life. It can be left in its finished condition or for additional appearances decorative finishes, it can be painted.
  • Affordability: Aluminium windows can be significantly less expensive compared to other types of windows. It provides a strong yet economical window option, with excellent energy outcomes.
  • Design Flexibility: Aluminium offers a wide range of options from the economical to most elaborate premium systems with excellent thermal performance.
  • Finishes: A vast range of finishing options are available in aluminum windows that can be perfectly matched with your decor. Powder coating is an attractive finish option for aluminum windows and once applied, it does not require repainting.
  • Recyclability: Aluminium has the highest recycling rates than any metal. It is an environmentally sustainable material. Aluminum recycling requires only five percent of the initial energy consumed to manufacture it. This inherent property makes it most sustainable compared to other window options.
  • Thermal Performance: High-performance aluminum windows are able to easily exceed energy efficiency standards. They can easily achieve improvements in heat gain and heat loss through windows compared to uPVC Windows.
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint: The use of aluminum double glazed windows can deliver CO2 equivalent savings of almost three times that required to produce the aluminum frames, in just one year. Over the lifetime, energy savings heavily outweigh the initial input by over 100 times. For places with electrical heating, or cooling for homes in hot climates, these savings could run up to 300 times.
  • Short Payback Period: Payback periods on aluminum windows are far shorter than for other options which offer a marginal improvement in performance at a far higher price. Such alternatives can practically take several decades to deliver a payback.
  • Security: With the high-security locking system in aluminum windows, you can just feel safe and protected in your home. The stainless steel hinges and locks installed for security and durability last a life long time period. A restrictor can be easily instilled to ensure child safety.

Disadvantages of Aluminium Window

  • Aluminium Window has a high U-value because it loses heat and cold very easily. Hence, aluminum is the least energy efficient of all other materials. Some manufacturers offer customized windows with built-in thermal breaks between the different surfaces to improve efficiency.
  • It can be cold to the touch
  • It is very often prone to condensation.
  • It can be susceptible to corrosion on exposure to salt water and salt air leading to problems with operation and overall performance.

Top 15 Aluminium Window Manufacturers in India

Well, it the time to wisely decide to switch towards a better available option. Let see the options of manufacturers of aluminum windows available to you in order to hasten your decision and benefits. Various aluminum window manufacturers in India are:

  1. Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Pvt Ltd
  2. Windoorz Inc.
  3. Shankar Fenestration & Glasses India Pvt. Ltd.
  4. NewGen Building Systems
  5. Real Fenster
  6. Kaenat Hitech Glazing System Pvt. Ltd
  7. Alufascia Private Limited
  8. Window Stein
  9. Core Glass Design & Aluminium Work
  10. Alfab Products
  11. Gala Aluplast Private Limited
  12. S.D.Glass UPVC & Aluminium works
  13. Lumani Systems
  14. Alupure (Profine India Window Technology Private Limited)
  15. Green Windows Pvt. Ltd.