In revolution time, the preference of carved door raises either luxury cities or normal cities like- Pune, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Kolkata, Prayagraj, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. In the carved door, day by day premium designs are coming out like- super deluxe carving door, teak traditional carving door, 3d carving member door, encore router carved door, and such type of different of carving door designs. Carved designs make in both doors i.e metal and non-metal like- wooden door, aluminum door, steel door, etc. Carved door increase to adorn of the places.

Different Category of Carved Door

Metal Carved Door

In the modern era, the demand for metal carved increases because it is highly sustainable i.e it is a highly durable and long-lasting run than another carved door, it is free from corrosion ( rusting ), septic problem, sound problem, etc. Metal carved door doesn’t require regular maintenance like- mopping, regular cleaning, dusting, and such kind of regular maintenance and the density of metal carved door slightly more than another carved doors and it is known by name metal carved door but its installation is easy means the installation of metal carved door doesn’t require extravagance.

Wooden Carved Door

The wooden carved door is also called a non-metal carved door, now a day, the preference of wooden carved door enlarges for places like- houses, offices, hotels, historical places (Taj Mahal, Anand Bhawan, Rumi Darwaza, etc. ), and such type of other places. It is known by name wooden carved door but it resists from termite problem, easily ruptured problem, septic, etc. it is very strong and it stands within natural disaster like-storm, earthquake. Wooden carved door now available in different types of shapes like- plane shape, curved shape, semi-round shape, etc.

Characteristics of Carved Door

In the modern era, the demand rises for the carved door in a location like- historical places, worship places (temple ), residential places, commercial places like- houses, compartment, hotels, restaurants, office (plane design ), Taj Mahal, Anand Bhawan, Rumi Darwaza, Ajanta coves, etc.

Carved door makes in different shapes like- plane shape, curved shape, semi-round shape, etc. and different designs like- teak traditional design, super deluxe design, 3d carving design, encore router design, etc.

Carved door resists from corrosion (rust ), scratches, scrape, dent, septic, etc. and it doesn’t need regular maintenance like- paint, polishing, dusting, cleaning, and such sorts of other maintenance.

Carved door doesn’t require any different kinds of adornments like- hang the artificial flower on the door, etc. it is raised to adorn of places and the carved door is highly durable and long-lasting run.

Top Six Manufacturer Name in India

Manufacturer NameCity
DP Woodtech Pvt.Ltd.Faridabad, Haryana
Kvs Wood CarvingMannargudi, Tamil Nadu
Sri Ratham Wood DesigningMadurai, Tamil Nadu
Rajesh EnterprisesMumbai, Maharashtra
Abdul Hassan TradersChennai, Tamil Nadu
Luxmi Moulding New Delhi, Delhi

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