Decorative Laminate is the specially designed laminate sheets of brown kraft paper and decorative printed paper fused together using pressure and heat. Laminate is a laminate product that is used as furniture, surface, wall, etc. It can be manufactured either high- pressure or low-pressure. Decorative Laminate is interior material that is used only inside the place. It is laid in two different ways like- vertically and horizontally.

High-Pressure Laminate

High-pressure laminates are highly dense laminate than other laminates, it is used as exterior and interior decorative material and it doesn’t need any type of adornment. The high-pressure laminate sheet is water-resistant and eco-friendly and it exists in neutral temperature i.e high or low temperature doesn’t affect high-pressure laminate, atmospheric free. It can’t be easily ruptured and septic. High-pressure laminate laid only in a horizontal way.

Low-pressure Laminate

Low-pressure laminate is lighter than high-pressure laminate, it is used the only interior material and it doesn’t require any different type of adornment. It can’t be easily ruptured and septic and it is kept out scratches, scrape, dents, stain, regular mopping, etc. It is laid in both ways like horizontal and vertical ways. The low-pressure laminate doesn’t require regular maintenance, polishing, and other more maintenance.

Gloss Finished Laminate

Gloss finished laminate is manufactured of thin layers, it is used only in interior things, it is laid in two different ways like- vertical and horizontal way i.e it is used on the floor as well as almirah. It doesn’t require polishing and it is slippy, it doesn’t need regular mopping. It is versatile, it is free from scrape, scratches, stain. It is placed in kitchens walls, cabinets, room almirah, floor, and other interiors things. It is placed only in the closed area like- hall, room, office, corridor, etc.

Characteristics of Decorative Laminate

Decorative laminate is placed in the exterior as well as the interior, it doesn’t need any sorts of adornment, it is slippy and it is kept out moistness, regular mopping, fixed polishing, eco-friendly, etc.

These types of laminate are long-lasting run i.e it is highly durable, it can’t be easily ruptured and it can be used as harshly.

It is used in both places it means open places and closed places like-malls, hotels, airports, houses, exterior walls of buildings, corridor, residential and other more officially, commercially and residentially places.

It is budget-friendly i.e it is also affordable for common people. Day by day its demand increases either higher cities or common cities.

It increases the standard value of common people in society, its visibility is supreme and people tuned stared.

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