In the revolution time, day by day the demand raises either luxury cities or common cities like- Pune, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, Gujarat, Chennai, and such type of other cities. The latest designs were now available in the market like- chick blind, Venetian window blind, designer roller window blind, roller blind, etc. and different types of window blind are highly sustainable i.e it is highly durable and long-lasting run like as other types of window. Different types of window blinds in different designer shapes like- plane shape, curved shape, semi-circle (semi-round), pentagon shape, etc.

Different Category of Window Blind

Venetian Window Blind

The preference of Venetian window blind increases for various kinds of locations like- offices, halls, restaurants, hotels room, historical places (Anand Bhawan, Rumi Darwaza, etc.). A Venetian window blind can be fixed in different ways like- horizontal way, vertical way. It can be made in dual length means full length and half-length of the wall and it is an available roller and non-roller (not fold) types of Venetian window blind. In the Venetian window, blind can easily see another side of the window means without fold can easily see another side of the window.

Bamboo window

Day by day the demand raises for the bamboo window because this kind of window doesn’t must require a wall i.e bamboo window is used as a curtain and it isn’t placed the only window space. The bamboo window is also fixed in open places like- it is used as a curtain in the open kitchen, in the entry garden door, etc. and bamboo window needs only one-length for hanging the window. Bamboo windows are two types first is bamboo window blind and second is bamboo window chick blind but both windows are used as a curtain. In bamboo window blind don’t see another side of the window but in the bamboo window, chick blind can easily see another side of the window.

Metal Window Blind

Day by day the preference of metal window blind increases because it is highly sustainable and it resists from moistness, stain, scratches, corrosion (rust), etc. and it affords at minimal prices. Metal window blind is very strong and it stands within natural disasters like- storm, earthquake and it exists in fluctuate temperature like- high or low temperature.

Important Merits of Window Blind

In the modern era, the requirement of window blind increases because it raises the standard value of the places and it is a highly durable and long-lasting run.

Day by day premium stylish designed and shapes are come out in the market like-pentagon shape, semi-circle shape, etc. and window blind buy from two sources like- manual source and virtual source (online).

Window blind kept out scratches, scrape, dent, peel, dust, etc. and it doesn’t need regular maintenance like- cleaning, dusting, etc.

In the window, blind doesn’t require extravagance like- paint the window, fixed space, etc. and this type of window means window blind to adorn of the places. Window blind doesn’t require any sorts of adornments like- hang the artificial decorative accessories on the windows.

Window blind exists in neutral temperature means temperature doesn’t affect on window blind and window blind are two types like- metal and non-metal.

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