In the modern era the demand for double doors either luxury cities or common cities like- Banglore, Pune, Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and such type of other cities. The doors are now strong as well as designable frames (plane frame, curved frame, round frame, and other design frames) and now of door means double door premium sorts of locking system i.e automatic locking system. In double doors different sorts of premium colors (dark and light), texture, etc. are available in the market and it is highly sustainable i.e it is highly durable and long-lasting run. The double door is used for primary purposes.

Different Designs of Double Door

Carved Wooden Double Door

Day by day the demand for carved double door increases for the residential, museum ( old things are seen) like- Rumi Darwaza, Anand Bhawan, etc. and such type of other places. These sorts of the door i.e carved wooden double door were used to be in King Maharaj’s time people see these sorts of designs of the door they like the designs and want to set the door in their house. It is kept out stain, scratches, scrape, moistness, termite, etc. and it doesn’t need regular maintenance like- paint, polishing, regular cleaning, and other different types of maintenance.

Steel Security Double Door

In the modern era, the choice of steel security double door increases for commercial places, official places, residential places like-airports, hotels, houses (front door), restaurants, and such kinds of different places. They don’t require extravagance means paint, regular cleaning, an old locking system, easily ruptured, moistness, different sorts of adornment, etc. Steel security double door gives beauty as well as safety. It exists in the fluctuate atmosphere and temperature i.e either high temperature or low temperature and it increases to adorn of the places. In steel security double door free from the surfeit problem like- scratches, scrape, dent, stain, termite, and such kind of various problems. This sorts of door mean steel security double door can easily see the people on the other side without open the door.

Characteristics of Double Door

In the modern era, the preference of double door increases day by day either the front door or inside doors than a single door with safety. The double door is used in different kinds of home accessories like- freeze, refrigerator, windows, and such types of various accessories.

In double door doesn’t require extravagance like- polishing, paint, regular cleaning, easily ruptured, stain, and such sorts of different problems.

Premium designs, colors (light and dark), texture, etc. available in markets and its buy from two different types of sources such as manual market and virtual market (online purchase). This type of door means the double door is purchase at minimal rates.

It is strong as well as to adorn the places and it is against the burglar, it withstands in a natural disaster like- storm and earthquake.

Top Ten Suppliers Name in India

Dwarka Dass And Sons (Mohali), V K Interior Decorator (Chennai), Jeen Mata Lamination Door(Hisar), Kirti Furniture (Nagpur), Gupta Engineering Works (New Delhi), Megaseenaa Products (Bangaluru), Aams Interiors (Hyderabad), Shiv Shakti Engineering (Mumbai), Comfort Modulars & Interiors (Chennai) and Sameer Furniture (Pune).

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