In revolution time, the preference for fiber door raises in a location like houses, hotels, washroom, bathroom, porch, and such type of other places. Fiber door is highly sustainability i.e highly durable and long-lasting run. In fiber, the door can be made a different type of design shapes like plane shape, curved shape, semi-round shape, etc. The fiber door increases the living standard in societies. The fiber door doesn’t look lies the traditional door.

Different Type of Fiber Door

PVC Fiber Door

Day by day the demand for PVC door increases for commercial places, residential places, and official places like- houses, compartments, hostels, railway bathrooms, etc. PVC fiber doors have different features like- slightly slippy and glossy (it has slightly reflection power ), etc. PVC fiber door resists from water because the wallpaper of PVC doesn’t absorb water the water only adsorb, stain, etc. It is rarely scratched, scrape, etc. they don’t require regular maintenance like- polishing, painting, dusting, mopping, and such type of other maintenance and Now printed PVC door is also available in markets.

Fancy Fiber Door

Fancy fiber door demand increases either luxury cities or common cities like- Lucknow, Agra, Kolkata, Pune, New Delhi, Punjab, Hyderabad, and such type of other more cities. It is kept out scratches, stain, moistness, easily ruptured, peel or warp, etc. and it exists in neutral temperature i.e temperature doesn’t affect on fancy fiber door. The installation of fancy fiber doors is direct and easy means installation not tough than other doors. Fancy fiber door doesn’t look lies traditional doors and day by day premium designs of fancy fiber door come out in the markets.

Merits of Fiber Door

In the modern era, the demand for fiber door enlarges along with the cities Pune, Bangaluru, Chennai, Gujarat, Vanaras, Prayagraj, etc. and it increases the value in the society.

Fancy fiber door resists from scratches, scrape, dent, peel, moistness, termite, easily ruptured, etc.

Day by day new stylish shapes of fiber door are come out in the markets like- plane shape, curved shape, semi-circle shape, etc. and premium colors (official color).

Fiber Door Price List

Products NamePrice
Designer Bathroom Pvc DoorRS 2,400/piece
High-Density Fibre DoorRs 2,500/piece
Fibre DoorRs 6,00/feet
Polished PVC Bathroom DoorRs 1,800/piece
SS Fiber Mesh Panel with UPVCRs 4,00/sq.feet
PVC Fiber Door Rs 2,500/piece
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