Specification of flush door

Flush doors are typically created with skinny sheets of veneer over a core of wood, fiberboard, or fibreboard. The veneer faces act as stressed-skin panels and has a tendency to stabilize the door against warp.

With the composition of a high-quality core, vertical stiles, and rails Flush doors are built as a smooth door. As because flush doors are very smooth in nature so whenever waterfalls on the flush doors it removes easily and quickly. At the time of intense pressure and temperature, wooden stiles are fixed between veneers.

Types Of Flush Doors

By using Flush Material, different types of doors can be made. There are many doors are available in the market which is made as per the use of different doors. Here, below we have discussed each door in details.

  • Cellular Core Flush Doors
  • Wooden flush door
  • Laminated flush door
  • Plywood flush doors
  • Pinewood flush doors
  • Teakwood flush doors
  • Aluminum flush doors
  • Homecare flush doors
  • Metal/steel flush doors

Advantages Of installing Flush Doors at Home & offices

  • The looks of Flush Doors are very attractive, which will give a good look to your house.
  • The cost price of Flush Doors is very less.
  • Flush doors come with different types of colors and design and it is easily available.
  • Against Twisting, flush doors have good stability.
  • Flush doors are easy to clean and as well as it is very easy to install Flush doors.

What is Panel Door

Panel doors are the most popular doors to use in the house these doors are in use since old ages. Doors are an important element to maintain privacy in the house, so you must have a strong and long-lasting door for that category Panel doors are the most suitable one to be used. Generally, panel doors are made up of 4 panels or 6 panels. Panel Doors are popular since ages mainly because of it's good looking design and for rigid in nature.

Difference Between Flush Doors and Panel Doors

Flush Door Panel Door
Flush doors are made up of a core along with timber ply at both the ends. Panel doors are mainly made up of traditional woods such as stiles, rails, and infills.
The cost of Flush Doors is less expensive as compare to panel doors. The cost of the Panel Doors is very High.
Flush doors are a good insulator for sound. Panel doors are not.
As the surface of flush doors is smooth that is why it is easier to clean. Panel doors are not easy to clean and maintain.
Flush doors are termite resistant. Panel Doors are not termite resistant.