Hand and Machine Tools

Hand tools are a broad category that includes all the tools humans have been using since the early days of handcrafted tools. Now we have portable machine tools that one can carry in hand. The instruments include pliers, wrenches, cutters, files, hammers, striking tools, screwdrivers, clamps, vises, saws, drills, and even knives that fit in this category. Handheld Machining tools can include drills, blades, pneumatic tools, jewelry tools, soldering irons, grinders, buffers, etc. The variation in categorization is immense, and all of them serve a particular function in construction and machining. Screwdriver sets and wrench combinations are unique tools that come in this category. Each of this equipment has customization options and additional quality features depending upon the type you purchase. Pliers and screwdrivers come as a combination with drills as they function amazingly together. Some garden tools such as lawnmowers and tilers also qualify as hand and machine tools. Other garden tools such as cutters, brushers, and watering tools can qualify well. 

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Recently Added Suppliers
Portable Blower Power Tools
Nipa Commercial Corporation from Navi Mumbai

Portable Blower Power Tools by Nipa Commercial Corporation .

1000.00 980

per piece

6 Mm Electric Drill Machine
Melkev Machinery Impex from Mumbai

6 Mm Electric Drill Machine Body is cracked but can be used for drilling we can glue stick the .

3000.00 2940

per Piece

Petrol Operated Chainsaw
Rajdhani Associates from Jaipur

We have marked a distinct and dynamic position in the market by providing high-quality chainsaw petr.

6000.00 5880

per piece

350 W Electric Drill Machine
Royal Traders from Ahmedabad

Electric Drill Machine .

1900.00 1862

per Piece

Angle Grinder Machine
Abed Motor Agencies from Chennai

Angle Grinder Machine .

1500.00 1470

per piece

Electric Drill KDM - 10
Sunrise Enterprises from Aurangabad

2-speed gearbox for increased torque and versatility, Ergonomic soft-grip design for comfort, Variab.

1000.00 980

per Piece

Electric Drill Machine
Talib Sons from Mumbai

By precisely understanding the wants and necessities of our prestigious customers, we are involved i.

1100.00 1078

per Piece

Wet Grinder Machine
Raman Machinery Stores from Aurangabad

Capacity 50-60 kg/hr Model DAM-WDG Automatic Grade S.

10000.00 9800

per Piece

Wall Chaser
Deeraj Enterprises from Coimbatore

Wall Chaser by Deeraj Enterprises .

40000.00 39200

per Piece

Chainsaw Electrical Tree Cutter
Mars Traders - Suppliers Professional Cleaning & Garden Machines from Patna

In order to cater the diversified demands of our clients, we have been able to provide a unique rang.

4000.00 3920

per Piece

Portable Power Tools
Captain Tools from Mumbai

Portable Power Tools .

20000.00 19600

per Piece

Needle Rod For Concrete Vibrator
PNT Marketing Concern from Delhi

Needle Rod For Concrete Vibrator by PNT Marketing Concern .

3800.00 3724

per piece

Bench Grinder Machine
Libra Industrial Motors from Coimbatore

We bring forth vast industrial experience and expertise in this business, involved in offering a hig.

11000.00 10780

per Piece

Tool Cutter Grinder Machine
Krishna Machine Tools from Secunderabad

Tool Cutter Grinder Machine by Krishna Machine Tools .

85000.00 83300

per Unit

Cutter Grinder Machine
Pentagon Machines & Tools from Pune

Cutter Grinder Machine by Pentagon Machines & Tools .

75000.00 73500

per unit

Hand and Machine Tools Price List

Product Name Price in INR Supplier
Portable Blower Power Tools 1000.00 / piece Nipa Commercial Corporation
Electric Drill Machine 1100.00 / Piece Talib Sons
350 W Electric Drill Machine 1900.00 / Piece Royal Traders
Wet Grinder Machine 10000.00 / Piece Raman Machinery Stores
Electric Drill KDM - 10 1000.00 / Piece Sunrise Enterprises
6 Mm Electric Drill Machine 3000.00 / Piece Melkev Machinery Impex
Petrol Operated Chainsaw 6000.00 / piece Rajdhani Associates
Wall Chaser 40000.00 / Piece Deeraj Enterprises
Needle Rod For Concrete Vibrator 3800.00 / piece PNT Marketing Concern
Portable Power Tools 20000.00 / Piece Captain Tools

Frequently Asked Questions on Hand and Machine Tools

1. What are the seven different types of machine tools

Machine tools retain seven basic types: turning machines, drilling machines, shapers, millers, grinders, power saws, and pressers. 

2. What are power tools

A power tool works on the principle of multiplying the power you supply into the machine. These tools can help you reap the best benefit of providing extra support on an apparatus. A handheld driller can pose an excellent example of a useful power tool. 

3. Why is a portable blower useful

A piece of portable blower equipment is a device that increases the speed of air when it is passing through impellers. These blowers are primarily applicable for exhausting, cooling, ventilating, dusting, aspirating, etc. Inside industrial sectors, blowers commonly get the name ‘centrifugal fans.

4. How does a blower work

Blowers function using impellers inside the mechanism that increase the pressure of a gas by passing it in a centrifugal movement. When impellers rotate, the channels inside push the air forward, and a helical movement occurs.

5. Which power drill is the best for household and DIY projects

A twelve-volt drill is best for home and DIY projects as they have a 3/8 inch chuck. These twelve-volt drills will have no issues going through 

6. Is a 20-volt drill better than a 12-volt one

12-volt drills consume less energy and charge much quicker than twenty-volt drills. This power consumption difference can be adequate for a home project. However, industrial projects require many powerful drills, and then twenty-volt drillers can shine. 

7. Should I start my chainsaw with the chain brake on or off

It would aid if you always started your chainsaw with the brake on so the chain does not move when you have it in a dangerous position. 

8. How do I know if my chainsaw needs replacing

If your chainsaw faces difficulty positioning or does not move inside the wood, you will not receive good results with it. It is better to replace the chainsaw after it reaches this critical state. 

9. Should you always run the chainsaw at full throttle

Every chainsaw comes with a brake that attempts to stop the chain to prevent injury by kickback. To avoid this injury, you should apply full throttle before you start cutting. 

10. What materials are not suitable for angle grinders

Proteus is a material popular in WW2 as it could ricochet bullets from it, unfortunately, unusable on airplanes. The material destroys any tool that tries penetrating it and so you should not use grinders on them. Sapphire is another material that eliminates grinders if they do not possess enough strength.