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inspection robot

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brand: KNR system
Like C-arm at operation room in hospital, O-arm Is one of the state-of-the..

pipe inspection robot / wheeled / with LED light / long-range

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For sales people travelling in trains or planes the small size and weight m..

tracked inspection robot / with swingarm / with LED light / 360° viewing

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Designed specifically for hazardous environments, the Versatrax 450™ is p..

wheeled inspection robot / tracked / modular / for pipes

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The ROBOTICS DESIGN ANATROLLER™ ARE-100 series robust modular mobile robo..

pipe inspection robot

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brand: AC-CESS
Developed as a stand alone Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) tool, this small,..

wheeled inspection robot / long-range / waterproof / remote-controlled

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The STORMER S3000 Pipe Crawler is a portable all-in-one device for inspecti..

wheeled inspection robot / remote-controlled / capture / for pipes

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brand: Wicron
The diagnostics of ventilation ducts for dirt and congestion is a very time..

wheeled inspection robot / modular / multi-purpose

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The EXTRM SC2.6 is configured from standard system modules and accessory m..

wheeled inspection robot / for pipes

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brand: Bipol
The CamPro Truck is a functional motorized truck. The possibility to mount ..

wheeled inspection robot / remote-controlled / miniature / for pipes

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Pipeline & confined space inspections; Mine shaft & tunnel inspecti..

ultrasonic inspection robot

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Features The TOFD crawler TSB-1-P05 and TSB-2-P05 are compatible with TOFD ..

magnetic inspection robot / for storage tanks

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ALTISCAN is a new generation magnetic crawler, developed for thickness meas..

technical support inspection robot / intervention

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brand: TECDRON
Tele-operated SCARAB LX robot facilitates rapid response. It is quite apt f..