Generally, the units which are made on the floor are called floor units or floor cabinets. On these floor cabinets, are spread kitchen worktops particularly of granite, marble, tile or wood. There are units which are held on the wall for storing different things and these are called wall units.

Modular kitchens are bespoke constructions which are designed in a customised fashion and customers can select the cabinet layouts to complement the interior of their house. These kitchens meet your storage needs and can provide space for the sundry kitchenware.

You can easily arrange your jars, cutlery, crockery, etc. in the most meticulous way, unlike the ordinary kitchen where searching for things becomes looking for a needle in the haystack. Modular kitchens have become the trend for they are very stylish, streamline and affordable.

Modular kitchens have become popular with people who have limited space and want to make the most of it. For instance, people who live in terraced homes, flats, or generally have a small kitchen, can go for modular kitchens to groom their cooking areas and experience a new feel altogether.

Features of Modular Kitchens

Easy to assemble: One of the remarkable features of modular kitchens is their ability to be assembled. In other words, when you plan to move into a new house, you can take your modular kitchen along with you without much trouble. These can be practically shifted from one place to another place and therefore are easily portable.

Customization: Modular kitchens are designed keeping in mind the needs of the customers. You can choose from a large horde of designs depending upon your tatse, your home interiors, and the way you want to arrange your kitchen ware. You can colour contrast to them the way you want to match the theme of your home.

Save Space: This is the most important feature that lures customers to have a modular kitchen in their homes. As such kitchens consist of a number of cabinets, drawers, board counters, sliding barn doors etc, you can easily arrange your things in an organised fashion. Not only will it keep your place neat and clean, but you will be able to look for things easily owing to the demarcated space.

Convenience: Traditional kitchens were made at home itself by the carpenters, unlike modular kitchens which are made in factory and immediately installed in your home. This saves a lot of time and also does not cause any disturbance in your daily life.

Beautiful appearance: Modular kitchens are available in a wide array of contemporary and chic designs. You can choose from the elegant and refined designs and something like the sleek arts. You can explore and select the best patterns loaded with attractive aesthetics and amazing functionality.

Effective storage: You can efficiently store your appliances as well as other kitchenware in the shelves, cabinets, and drawers of a modular kitchen. You can organize the items in a decluttered manner and make cooking and working in the kitchen easy and fast.

Smart designs: These kitchens are designed smartly where you can keep the items in convenient locations. The kitchen will also be separated into areas specially culled out for cleaning and cooking, and eating.

Types of Modular Kitchens

L SHAPED Modular Kitchens

This is the most common design which is preferred by the majority of the customers. The layout is perfect for small houses where you can efficiently carve out the kitchen units from the minimum floor space you have. It also gives you an added advantage by providing small dining table within your kitchen.  

U SHAPED Modular Kitchens

This is ideal for large kitchen spaces. The U-shaped kitchen layout is more likely to be useful for those who are fond of cooking and wish to have a lavish kitchen space. The layout entails an efficient work triangle and provides a lot of storage space. You will have many walls and floor cabinets and also extensive counter space.

ISLAND Modular Kitchens

This is another popular kitchen choice of customers around the world. It is a blend of an unconnected island space with a straight line or L-shaped kitchen model. The island space can be used as a breakfast bar or extra counter area. Since the layout has working and storage space on both the opposite ends; it makes it perfect for open plan living.

STRAIGHT Modular Kitchens

This kitchen layout does not have a work triangle and is laid down on a straight line. That is why this unique layout is apt for studio and loft apartments where it is made by utilising minimum space of your kitchen with maximum efficiency.

PARALLEL or GALLERY Modular Kitchens

This is layout is the most efficient if cooking is your primary concern and is suitable for most of the homes. In a parallel layout, there are two long working areas that face each other and can be distinguished into ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ working spaces. You will also get ample counter space to keep your appliances and maximizes storage.

G SHAPED or PENINSULA Modular Kitchens

This is similar to the island kitchen and has a free-standing workspace that provides a secondary counter, work or entertainment area. In contrast to the island layout, the peninsula is connected to the main workspace and thus you can access it from three sides.

Advantages of Modular Kitchen

  • Modular kitchens provide you with more space to store your kitchenware as compared to an ordinary kitchen. The cabinets and other storage areas can hold all your stuff in the most organised manner.

  • They come in sleek, clean, and beautiful designs where you will get a different feel altogether and cooking will become a thing of joy for you. You can choose from various elegant designs that go with the theme of your house.

  • It provides a convenient working space where you will have compartmentalised storage space to keep different cooking appliances. You will also have a separate space for cooking, washing, storage etc.

  • Modular kitchens are available in a different range of finishes, colours, patterns to groom your kitchen space like never before.

  • The cabinets are pre-fabricated and therefore the construction and installation process is quick and easy. Therefore, any possibility of errors is ruled out as individual components of the kitchen can be replaced easily when they need repair.

  • The modular kitchen can be cleaned and maintained without putting much effort.

Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen

  • The initial installation of the modular kitchen is expensive than ordinary kitchens.

  • For installing and repairing Pre-fabricated cabinets you will require technical assistance.

  • If you wish to change the color theme of the modular kitchen, it could go heavy on your pocket.

  • You might also need to have civil works done by a third party in the installation process of modular kitchen.  

Top Manufacturers of Modular Kitchens


Sleek International has become a noted name since its inception in 1993 as a mere wire basket manufacturer. Today, it has become a renowned full-fledged kitchen solution provider and offers increased customer satisfaction, innovative quality, and craftsmanship.  You can find solutions to all the kitchen problems as Sleek doles out services related to Kitchens, Accessories, Hardware & Fittings, Cabinets, Shutters, Hob, Chimney, Grass, Oven etc.


It is a German brand which is the most popular name vis-a-vis the modular kitchens market. Customers are touted to make a beeline for the brand’s kitchen fittings and accessories as they are the finest in the market. The modular kitchens of Hafele are loved for being innovative, functional and efficient. The offer a broad range of products and also includes appliances and lighting.

Johnson Kitchens

Johnson Kitchens modular kitchens come from one of the largest manufacturers in the world located in Germany. They have carved a niche in providing bespoke modular kitchens for both their European and Indian collections. Their European models are quite expensive and cost something to the tune of Rs. 3 lakhs. However, their Indian counterparts are available from Rs. 60,000/- upwards.


Kohler Co. is famous for making modular kitchens for homeowners and boasts a six-continent distribution. You can expect all sorts of solutions at Kohler where you will be welcomed to a new kitchen world blended with best style and functions.

Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is India’s largest furniture brand. It started off as Storwel cupboard brand 80 years back and has now transformed into an innovative brand that does a jugglery act across various industries. They offer home and office furniture, solutions for laboratories, hospitals, education and training institutes, shipyards and navy, and whatnot!