Other Robotic Components

Robotic components include actuators, sensors, controllers, and end effectors. Actuators are the motors that move the robot, sensors detect changes in the environment, controllers process the data from the sensors and decide how to act, and end effectors are the tools that the robot uses to interact with its environment. Other components include power sources, communication systems, and software.

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motorized positioner / rotary / multi-axis / for robots
Panasonic Robot & Welding from

The RJC series positioner from Panasonic has both turn and tilt functions i.

robot calibration equipment / TCP / reference value / multi-point
ZIS Industrietechnik GmbH from

- Reasonably priced solution for reliable and accurate TCP (tool center point) calibration of robots.

manual positioner / rotary / single-axis / analog
Panasonic Factory Automation Company from

ModelRJB12RJB22RJB32 Payload (kg)250kg500kg1000kg Max Speed190°/s (31 r/.

motorized positioner / rotary / multi-axis / parts
Panasonic Industrial, Robot & Welding from

The part positioner for multi-axis robot is noted for its best-in-class mot.