Emitting light with solar energy has now become a trend and several companies are creating them. There a lot of uses and advantages of using them. A number of solar light types are available in the market too. These are suitable for different purposes and purposes. Let us know about how does solar light works.

What is a solar lighting system?

Solar lights have a very simple working mechanism. The solar lighting system uses a solar panel or a photovoltaic cell that stores solar energy throughout the day time. The collected energy is stored in a rechargeable gel cell battery that is installed in the panel. The sunlight acts as a medium to create a photovoltaic effect.

The photovoltaic effect means the movement of charged particles due to the presence of light. The panel contains a lot of negatively charged and positively charged particles. This panel is made up of silicon along with several other chemicals that are negatively charged. After passing through the cell, the sunlight makes the negative ions to move towards the positive vacancies. Thus, it induces a current. It uses an intelligent controller which switches on the light in absence of sunlight. The light continues to glow until the stored energy is used up. This is how photovoltaic effect is in use. We will cover all solar light information in English.

Why solar light?

The solar lighting system is mainly used as streetlights or garden lights. It automatically lights up during the evening and night. Solar light uses photovoltaic effect, so there is no necessity for switching it on or recharging it. The light is cost-effective as it only uses the installation cost. It makes a garden or street bright and beautiful. There are several other benefits of solar light. The solar light diagram is very similar to a normal semiconductor diode diagram.

Benefits of solar lighting system

Solar panels can be installed for just one LED light for one home or it can be used to illuminate the entire area or street. Whatever the application of solar light maybe, it happens to be the wisest and easiest choice for households.

Here are the Advantages of a solar lamp and lighting systems.

  • For enabling solar lighting no outside energy source is required. The process of storing energy during the day and utilizing it at the night continues to happen. Also, the batteries used are absolutely recyclable.
  • Solar lighting systems use LED fixtures which are long-lasting. They are the most suitable lights for illuminating the area for the entire night with the stored energy.
  • The installation of the solar lighting system is affordable and simple. Indeed, the solar lights do not require any underground connection to the main power supply in a home. All the wiring is usually located on top of the panel pole. These are low voltage connections only, therefore is very safe for installing.
  • The solar lighting system has a reasonable life span. The batteries last for seven years maximum and the LED fixtures make up to even 20+ years. Dusting the panel and light regularly will suffice in terms of maintenance. The cost of bulbs or batteries is also reasonable.
  • It makes a garden look beautiful. The solar lights are set up on poles which come in many designs. The entire place is illuminated and gives an enhanced look for homes. Various sizes, shapes, styles are available.
  • There are no electricity bills associated with solar lights. The LED fixtures produce lights as long as they receive sunlight. Once solar light is installed in a home, it serves life-long.
  • Solar lights are completely environmentally friendly.
  • The initial costs may seem costly, but when compared to normal electric lights solar lights are way cheaper. Electrical lights will cost bills periodically which make it costly.
  • It is best suited for tropical regions that receive ample amount of sunlight throughout the year.
  • Photovoltaic cells are sustainable, long-lasting and recyclable.

Solar lighting systems do not have major disadvantage or drawback. Expect that the initial cost may be high.

Types of solar lights

The solar lighting systems are widely used by people for outdoor lighting. The concept of solar lights was introduced decades ago. Today a lot of advancements have happened. The varieties of lights available are not just confined to one model but many are available. Here are some of the most common types of solar lights available in the market.

1. Solar Floodlights:

These lights are apt for remote areas where lights are not available. This is used to ensure the safety and security in remote areas. Solar Flood lights provide distinct light that gives increased visibility. With these lights, one can recognise faces even from long distances. If cameras are fixed along with the solar lights, the camera can cover a clear and better picture of everything. This can be useful for companies also as it gives safety for employees and customers.

Solar spotlights:

Solar spotlights use LED lights that can be fixed on walls. It is best suited for gardens, security walls, backyards, lawns etc. Some solar spotlights also have an adjustable angle for rotation. These act as good security lights for households. It is suitable for parties, functions and celebrations too.

3. Solar street lights:

Street lights are necessary for pedestrians, motorcycles and other vehicles on road. These lights are brighter than normal street lights. Also, they are very good for highways. There is no requirement of turning these street lights on as they start glowing as soon as it gets dark. These long-lasting lights are the best for streets and roads. It gives a sense of safety for drivers and pedestrians. This covers all about the solar street light information and benefits.

4. Solar pathway lighting:

Mostly preferred by resorts and parks are the pathway lights. Now, this is available in solar lighting systems that be fixed at affordable prices. These are used to illuminate pathways, driveways in the outdoor. These are short and focus on lighting only the walkway.

5. Decorative solar lights:

The regular decorative lights are out of trend now. Decorative solar lights have become popular. They are coming in different designs that can be used in gardens. They can be kept around a garden pond or near small plants. They are available in the form of decorative doll lights too. These can be opted for any outdoor occasion. Small LED lights connected to each other that are used over buildings in festive seasons are available as solar lights too.

6. Solar lamp posts:

A garden looks wonderful only with the installation of a lamp post. Lamp posts are available in many designs and varieties. These will also look amazing in the entrance of a building. The major advantage of lamp posts is that they give continuous light in all angles as they have glass frame around them. The outside frames come in many models. They do not need any additional wiring to set up lamp posts. Some lamp posts are even used as pathway light as they are tall.

7. Solar lantern:

Solar lanterns are used in regions where there are regular power cuts and where the power supply is scarce. The solar lantern has a simple mechanism that can be adopted by anyone. There is an SPV board which can be charged with solar energy. This is highly efficient as it can work up to 5 to 6 hours. This is portable and easy to handle. It uses LED lights for emitting light with great efficiency.

8. Solar powered motion lights:

Solar powered motion lights is a highly efficient way of using solar lighting systems. These start glowing with the motion as it has got an inbuilt sensor inside it. There is temperature detection along with it too. This is otherwise called as security light because it turns on with motion. This will alert the person who comes near the light. It works with LED lights and gets charged during the day. It can be installed in entrances, steps, walkways, parking areas, car sheds etc.

9. Solar skylights:

These are becoming very common nowadays to provide lights for the household. These also use panels that can be installed on rooftops. This senses the amount of sunlight in a day and accordingly produces the brightness of the installed light. This makes sure the energy is saved and used when the day looks cloudy. It is a great technology to detect light and use it only when necessary. Although this cannot be used to produce electricity for the entire home as the panels are small in size.

Comparison between solar lights and conventional lights:

Solar lighting systems use LED lights instead of fluorescent lights. Solar lights have got a number of benefits that are absent in the rest of the conventional lights. In case of street lights, they are installed in a large number and need to be both cost-efficient and energy efficient. For attaining this feat, solar lights are greatly preferred and are highly recommended. Traditional and conventional lights are facing a lot of vulnerabilities in recent days. Here is the comparison between the two lighting systems. This will help you gather information about solar light.

Important features

Solar lighting system

Conventional lighting system


High as it requires the installation of solar panels, pole, batteries and LED lamps.

Low investment costs.

Maintenance cost

Low maintenance as there are zero electricity bills. They only use solar energy for charging. Highly economical.

It is high maintenance as electricity is needed.


There is optimum safety in solar lights as there are no wires connected to the main power.

It involves high risks of short circuits, fluctuation, fuse damage and more as it involves wires connected to the main power.

Environmental measures

Highly eco-friendly as there is no emission of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. No carbon footprint with solar lights.

It is not eco-friendly. It emits carbon dioxide and other pollution-causing components.

Life span

The LED lights have a longer life span. Batteries of solar lighting systems also are long-lasting.

They have a low life span and are easily vulnerable.