As we know that large construction works have a large intake of water and therefore to meet this expansive demand of different industries, it becomes imperative to construct multiple water storages.

These industries or construction sites have water tanks at the bottom of the building. So, when water from the underground tank is to be propelled and pumped to the overhead tank, we require a submersible pump.

Submersible pumps are completely submerged in water and sealed in an airtight manner.

Essentially, when a vertical turbine pump is connected to a small diameter submersible electric motor, the set up is called a submersible pump. The motor is established below the intake of the pump. Both the pump and motor are submerged and function under submersible condition.

  • Electric Motor: The motor is enclosed in a steel case which is filled with light oil of high electric strength. A mercury seal is then placed above the case to block oil leakage or water entrance at the point where the drive shaft goes to the impellers.
  • Pump Elements: The pump element consists of propelling shaft which is usually made of stainless steel and bronze impellers. Water goes inside the pump via a screen located between the motor and the pump.

Features of V6 Submersible Pumps

Below are some of the features of V6 Submersible Pumps:

  • V6 Submersible pumps are manufactured in an innovative mechanical design coupled with robust technology that establishes a state-of-the art submersible pump line.
  • These submersible pumps are made of reliable design which can withstand critical or adverse conditions.
  • The proven design of V6 submersible pumps imparts reliability and optimizes its performance.
  • One of the unique features of V6 submersible pumps is its hydraulic design which improves efficiency i.e. the max. head per stage is as high as 16 meters in radial flow design and 12 meters in mixed flow design.
  • The independent centrifugal impellers coupled with v6 submersible pumps give a smooth functioning power and also ensures the longevity of the pumps.
  • These pumps are layered with rubber and bronze bearing as a result of which there are less wear and tear. The pumps can have a solid resistance against friction.
  • The components of the V6 submersible pumps can be easily dismantled and reassembled without causing any glitches to the machine. The pumps, motors, suction screen, etc are made of stainless steel and therefore lend durability to the pump set.
  • These pumps are light-weight and compact and so can be easily handled.
  • V6 submersible has improved hydraulic designs which effectuate into increasing the competence of the pumps to perform maximum work.
  • These pumps are made to consume less energy by integrating the radial and mixed flow models and thus cause huge savings in electrical consumptions.
  • V6 Submersible pumps are created to operate at low voltages and are resistant to damage by voltage fluctuations.
  • V6 submersible pumps are usually coated with cast iron that keeps them rust free and gives long life.
  • The non-overloading power features of the pumps keep the motor safe from damage.
  • It dispenses with the need for specialized tools needed in field service as the parts can be easily assembled.
  • These pumps are cost-effective as they require low maintenance and their parts are also resistant to quick wear.
  • They have dynamically balanced rotating parts.
  • High pumping efficiency cuts down on running costs.

Applications of V6 Submersible Pumps

The V6 submersible pump is designed to serve various purposes across different industries, such as:

  • Farm house water supply
  • Housing complexes, bungalows
  • Gardens, farms, and nurseries
  • Industrial water supply
  • The cooling water circulating systems
  • Irrigation (Flood, Sprinkler, Drip)
  • Drinking water supply
  • Landscaping, Service Stations
  • Booster Applications

Some noted Manufacturers of V6 Submersible Pumps in India


F-Tech Engineering is one of the prominent manufacturers of V6 Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps in India. F-tech brings the V6 design layered with stainless steel pumps.

These pumps are very helpful where large water demands have to be met and a major expenditure is incurred on power. F-tech V6 pumps are available in size up to 25.0 H.P. with flows up to 1400 LPM.

The pump provides maximum discharge of 1300 LPM and maximum Head/Stage up to 16 Meters.

KIWI Pumps

Kiwi's 6" Borehole submersible pumps are tailored to cater 6" or larger boreholes. The impeller and diffuser of Kiwi pumps are manufactured in a premium hydraulic design which makes the V6 submersible pumps very efficient.

They use quality materials in the pumps to give them long lasting life and augment their resistance towards sand wear. Made from corrosion & abrasion resistant materials, Kiwi’s V6 pumps are suitable for any kind of industry.

They have a flow rate up to 1400 LPM and head up to 430 meters.

Seva Industries

Seva Industries is a coveted name in the industry of V6 Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps in India. They manufacture newly designed V6 pumps which are made of casted stainless steel.

Seva Industries offer V6 pumps in size 3 H.P. up to 25.0 H.P. with flows up to 1400 LPM.

Delite Pumps

Delite Pumps manufacturer their products with the quality conscious approach and are a reliable name in the industry. Their V6 submersible pumps eat up very little space and also do away with the problems of elongated pipelines and Pumphouse arrangements.

The motors used are very strong and do not make any noise. The pumps can be installed and removed easily even at greater depths. The pumping system is completely automatic and suitable for sites where a pump house is difficult to be built.

As compared to electric motors, V6 motors are insensitive to voltage fluctuation. For bore diameter of 150mm(V6), Delite Pumps offer 50 to 500 LPM in radial flow and head range of 12 Meters to 400 Meters.


Kirloskar is a popular Indian brand which not only manufactures Submersible Pumps for domestic use but it also exports its products to other countries. The V6 submersible pumps from Kirloskar are highly reliable and provide high operation efficiency.

The V6 pumps are available in Single or Multistage Centrifugal pumps encased in ring section design and have Suction casing fitted between motor and pump. The stage casings of radial pumps are connected by metal straps, and by stud bolt in case of mixed flow pumps.

They have a head range 5-306 meters and discharge ranging 2400-60 LPM.

Rotec Pumps

Rotec Pumps is leading manufacturer of submersible pumps, open-well submersible pumps, V3 Submersible Pumps, V4 Submersible Pumps, V6 SS Submersible Pumps, V6 Submersible Pumps, V8 Submersible Pumps manufacturers in India.

The V6 Submersible pumps are built with innovative design & advanced technology which makes them highly successful in various industrial operations. They have a head range of 30 Meters. to 400 Meters and 50 LPM to 550 LPM radial flow.

Advantages of V6 Submersible Pumps:

  • They are very easy to install and are cost effective.
  • The components of V6 submersible pumps can easily be assembled and dismantled.
  • They are manufactured using the state-of-the-art manufacturing process which ensures minimum maintenance and high quality built.
  • They have an improved hydraulic design which enhances their working power and provide maximum flow.
  • They are available both as energy efficient radial and mixed flow models in the market.
  • They are designed to start at low voltage and withstand voltage fluctuations.

Disadvantages of V6 Submersible Pumps:

  • The major disadvantage of using the v6 submersible pump is that it becomes difficult to find out and repair damages like rupture as the pumps are completely submerged.
  • Another downside is the cost. Although these pumps are energy efficient and cut down on energy wastage and concomitant costs; installation process of V6 submersible pumps require a lot of safety and technical units are required, it leads to increased costs in the process.
  • Another disadvantage is that one pump does not fit all uses. You will find that different industries need different sizes and water flow. So, one-size fit-all cannot be applied in this case.

Comparison between Submersible Pumps and Above Ground Pumps

As the name suggests submersible pumps are submerged in the water. As the entire body is in the water so it does not require priming. The users just have to turn on or turn off the machine.

On the other hand, above the ground pump give better overall result than submersible pumps. They are quite large and therefore can carry more power. Above-the-ground pumps need priming to keep the water flowing. The installation process may not be easy.

Pros of Submersible and above the Ground Pumps

Submersible Pumps Above the Ground Pumps
Less risk of water leakage and electric shocks No over heating is possible
They can pump water up to large distances They provide a good flow rate
There is no need for priming There is a low risk of electric contact

Cons of Submersible and above the Ground Pumps

Submersible Pumps Above the Ground Pumps
Identification of damages is difficult The installation process is not easy
They are costly They are not portable