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Medical equipment requires a special manufacturing process and comes in many different types. Precisely, you can find five types of medical equipment in the market, which are diagnostic equipment, durable equipment, treatment equipment, life support equipment, and laboratory equipment. Diagnostic equipment finds use inside hospitals and is perfect for diagnosing a patient’s medical condition. The diagnosis depends upon the symptoms a patient experiences, and this equipment aids the process of detecting said symptoms. Durable equipment provides therapeutic benefits to a patient with specific conditions and illnesses. They are generally long-term and reusable devices that can be extremely beneficial inside hospitals and homes for patient care. Medical equipment comes in several different types. Manual wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, traction equipment, etc. Treatment equipment can be any medical device that can treat a very specific condition. The equipment uses modern technology to address any abnormal functions of organs and tissues inside the body. 

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Medical Equipments, Solution 4 U
Solution 4 U from Mumbai

Medical Equipment, Solution 4 U .

1000.00 980

per Unit

Plastic 480 Mm X 240 Mm X 5 Mm Face Shield
Iuova from Mumbai

Plastic 480 Mm X 240 Mm X 5 Mm Face Shield    .

40.00 39

per Piece

Stainless Steel Micro Surgical Instruments, Material Grade: SS304, Single Pack
Nu Med Technologies from New Delhi

Stainless Steel Micro Surgical Instruments, Material Grade: SS304, Single Pack      &.

8500.00 8330

per Piece

MEI Knot Pusher with Cutter, MEI - 26, for Veterinary Purpose
Medical Equipment India from New Delhi

MEI Knot Pusher with Cutter, MEI - 26, for Veterinary Purpose   .

1650.00 1617

per Unit

Refurbished Karl Storz Tricam Camera, for Hospital
Endomaxis Surgicals Private Limited from Delhi

Refurbished Karl Storz Tricam Camera, for Hospital  .

300000.00 294000

per Piece

Multi Hand Exerciser


2000.00 1960

per onwards

Port Surgery Instruments


12000.00 11760

per Set

Gall Bladder Extractor


1500.00 1470

per Piece

Titanium Ophthalmic Set


40000.00 39200

per Set Onwd

surgihub Medical Fogger Machine


16500.00 16170

per Piece

Resmed Y30t Bipap Machine


100000.00 98000

per Piece

Nasal Septal Splint
Indian Audio Centre from Chandigarh

Bivalve Nasal Septal Splints Nonstick reducing adhesion and/or hematoma formation Each splin.

1200.00 1176

per Piece

IV Warmer, QW3, for Clinical Purpose
Bio - X from Mumbai


35000.00 34300

per Piece

Niscomed AED Bag (Trainer)
Ashok Enterprises from New Delhi


15000.00 14700

per Piece

Finger Pulse Oximeter
Medi-Surge Point from Ahmedabad

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Medical Equipments Price List

Product Name Price in INR Supplier
Stainless Steel Facial Closure Instrument (Facial type), For Laparoscopic Surgery 5500.00 / onward Venus Medsys Private Limited
TurboHawk Peripheral Plaque Excision System 10.00 / Piece Apni Corporation
Nasal Septal Splint 1200.00 / Piece Indian Audio Centre
IV Warmer, QW3, for Clinical Purpose 35000.00 / Piece Bio - X
REMI PRP Centrifuge Machine, Model: C-852, 3500 6000.00 / Piece Dermacell Private Limited
Niscomed AED Bag (Trainer) 15000.00 / Piece Ashok Enterprises
surgihub Medical Fogger Machine 16500.00 / Piece Surgical Mall Of India Private Limited
Resmed Y30t Bipap Machine 100000.00 / Piece Shri Sai Pharma
White Alere Triage Machine, for Hospital 1.00 / pack Nexus Lifecare Private Limited
Refurbished Karl Storz Tricam Camera, for Hospital 300000.00 / Piece Endomaxis Surgicals Private Limited

Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Equipments

1. What are medical laboratory tools

Laboratory equipment often finds uses inside the clinic and diagnostic laboratories. These tools are very useful for analyzing urine, blood, genes, and other biological material. The most of analyzer equipment qualifies as laboratory equipment. Different drug tests also require the use of laboratory equipment. As the medical industry keeps developing, we can expect to see more laboratory equipment emerging as well. This is a piece of incredibly good news for patients who want quality medical care and diagnosis.

2. What is mobility equipment

Mobility equipment is durable equipment that can help people who have limited mobility move freely. A foldable cone, cool tools, wheelchair, scooters, and power chairs are good examples of mobility equipment. You can easily find mobility equipment in the market without much hassle. This equipment also provides a lot of long-term uses for travel and adventure. Most mobility equipment fold to make sure the portability remains intact regardless of the situation.

3. What are assistive devices

Assistive devices intend to improve or maintain a patient’s medical condition. This step is mostly in application to make participation with other humans easy and help them maintain their general well-being. The equipment can also help secondary health conditions and impairments. Hearing aids, visual aids, and computer hardware and software combinations that improve mobility are all assistive devices. In India, only 5-15 percent of the population that require assistive devices have appropriate access to them.

4. How many types of medical devices and equipment in the market

There are generally five widely available types of medical equipment, but the requirements of different countries can also sway the available types. There are more than ten thousand types of equipment and medical devices available in the market all over the world. General medical devices can depend on many factors such as locality, region, and national requirements. The available medical workforce in the hospitals also sways equipment to carry and deliver patients into correct rooms.

5. What are non-durable medical devices

The supplies which are consumable and disposable are normally in consideration as non-durable medical devices. Not more than one individual can use this equipment at once, and they generally serve a medical purpose. Such equipment is not useful for a general individual who is free of any injury or disease. Band-aids, bandages, plasters, plates, and operation equipment are a few examples of non-durable medical equipment.

6. What is a DME modifier

DME modifiers provide a lot of information about the necessary item to provide information if the equipment is old, new, or is in rent. This process is the only way durable medical equipment gets sold to patients on a price requirement. A lot of hospitals provide a DME as a free inclusion or offer them at rent. Both of them are beneficial to patients who may not have the necessary resources to spend in the DME.

7. What is life support medical equipment

Life support equipment is a device that intends to keep the body of a patient running normally. The organs of a patient who has a complex illness cannot function without life support equipment. Support equipment comes in various types, such as lung and heart machines, ventilators, dialysis machines, and incubators.