Solar lights need direct sunlight so; it should be placed outdoor so it gets fully charged. Then, at the night time, it becomes easy on the streets to run the light for a long time. It works very nicely when days are long and sunlight is bright. Solar LED lights do not take a long time to install.

Government is also focusing on solar lights because it saves money and the quality of these lights is very long lasting. The people who are tired by giving lots of money on electrical bills, they should buy these solar lights for their houses too. Because you can get light at free of cost with the help of sunlight.

Solar LED lights Benefits

Solar LED lights have many benefits:

  • The most special quality of Solar light for the street is that they are very radiant. It gives a big gleaming space on a dark night.

  • Solar light for the street can save lots of life because of the accidents during the night-time.

  • The lifetime warranty of these LED lights is more than any normal sodium lights.

  • You can turn light on and off with remote control because it is a good smart technological device.

  • Solar LED lights with a motion sensor have the quality to turn on the light according to detect the motion. It is good for safety purpose. It saves the area from any type of stealing or threatening.

  • These lights are pollution free. These are very eco-friendly.

  • If you use Solar LED lights for home, balconies, restaurant or office, then there are beautiful models of solar lights available in the market. These lights can give your indoor a good look.

How Solar LED street light works

The working of Solar Street light is as follows - On the top of the light, there is a bight panel which is known as Solar Cells. During the day time, when there is sun then these solar cells absorb light from the Sun. during this time, the battery continues to charge and the conversion of electrical energy from solar energy takes place. Below this solar cell panel, there is a set-up of the LED light which consumes this electrical energy to turn on the lights. The whole structure of Solar light for the street does not take much space.

Now, during the time of night, these lights have a special technological system. So, Solar light for Street starts spontaneously without any hard work. This process of recharging batteries during day time and the consumption of this energy during night time continues.

Solar LED Light with Motion Sensor

Solar Street lights have motion ensue in them. Whenever anyone moves under the light then light brightens up automatically. Usually, this also has a video camera which can easily send the detail if anyone tries to steal it. So, this benefit is there in a Solar LED Light with Motion Sensor because it sends the signal if anyone comes under this are tries to deceive with this.

Solar LED Lights for outdoor is made to give a developed look and these lights are the symbol of advancement that our technologies are going. The main reason for which these lights are famous is that they do not cost anything for light. This is like a free gift from supreme power.

Solar LED light outdoor and Solar LED light indoor both are available in the market. We have known the way these solar lights are meant to use for outdoors. These lights can be used inside our house or any workplace in this LED form. The solar panel can be placed outside and with the connection and energy can be supplied to these lights inside. This is very useful for indoors too. This saves a lot of money which you spend on electrical bills.

Variety of Solar LED Lights

As we know that nowadays most people are depended on these solar lights which are easily available in the market. But now we can order Solar LED Lights online and by sitting at our houses we can enjoy these LED lights.

Solar LED lights for the garden of Hardoll Company have good deals with a great discount. Now you can buy these lights for the garden and make your gardens beautiful. They are not only available for the personal gardens of our home but also for public gardens. Now, you can go to the gardens and enjoy your evening there with family and friends.

The price lists of these Solar Lights for Garden are below-

  • Hardoll 90 LED Solar Powdered Security Lights (Black) is now available of Rs 2849 only.

  • Hardoll 24 LED Solar Lights (Black) is now available of Rs 997.50 only.

  • Clomana Ever Brite Solar Power LED Light Outdoor Motion Activated Sensor for Home Garden, Balcony, Main Door and Other Outdoor Areas is available with Rs 494 only.

Solar LED Lights for Streets of Mazda Energy Solar is coming up with solar light of good qualities. The price list is given below-

  • Mazda Energy Solar LED Street Light 12W (White, Battery+ 20W Panel + Light) is available for Rs 8,999 only.

  • Mazda Energy 5W Solar Street Light (All in One, Battery + Solar Panel + Light) (White) is available for Rs 2,699 only.

Solar LED Lights for Indoor are made by good companies with affordable price and now you can decorate your house, office, balconies, and any indoor space with these lights. The price list is given below-

  • Vicco Solar Home Light Set 6 Volt (White, 3 Watt Panel) is available at Rs 2,950 only.

  • i-Solarlite Solar Home Lighting System | Solar Light Kit with 2 USB Charging Slot HLS Basics | Indoor Outdoor LED Light is available at Rs 2,800 only.

Above are only some of the examples. There are many Solar LED lights available online at very cheap prices.

Solar LED lights manufacturer in India

Intersolar System Private Limited is one of the best Solar LED manufacturing companies in India. This company has been producing the best quality of Solar light since 1997. This company provides you with different types of Solar LED Street Light-

  • The Solar panels are made by this company which can be used as a street light.

  • Not just only solar panels are available but the Polar solar Street lights are produced by Intersolar System Private Limited.

  • Intersolar System Private Limited produces rechargeable batteries with great backup quality.

  • The beautiful Lighting fixtures are also made by the company which can be used for indoor decoration purposes. It comes in the form of heavy and beautiful chandeliers.

  • The most successful LED solar Street lights are produced by the Intersolar system private limited.

Amrut Energy Private Limited (Solar Light Suppliers) is the company of Ahmedabad. The affordable price of Solar LED street lights is available here.

S. S Solar Energy – This company has very brilliant products and it provides its products at a very low cost. This is located in Noida.

Focusun Energy System is the company in Coimbatore. It produces very good quality of Solar LED lights.

Easy Photovoltech Private Limited is the company of Solar LED streets light which provides with the best quality products.

Thus, Solar LED street lights are a very effective and renewable source of energy by its nature. It can be installed at any rural or urban place. Everyone should use these Solar LED lights for their indoor purposes too because it saves your money and does not give any harm to the environment. So, these lights are very environment-friendly.

If you want solar lights for your house or company which is very worthy then you can buy it from the market and the easiest method is buying it from an online store. So, do visit such store for the solar lights and save your money on electrical bills.