Which types of wooden windows will be ideal for your home

The first and important question you need to ask while selecting the wooden window for your lovely home is what type of wooden window is suitable? You can decide it from the age and the style of your home. This idea is very helpful to decide the wooden window. But still, there are some common window designs that are popularly used.

  • Double Hung: This type of windows has two sashes to slide up and down. These are the best for the traditional types of houses.

  • Fixed Windows: They made for not to be open, so they are fixed from each corner. Since they are closed, so no ventilation can be possible. They are cheaper and small in size/ they are generally used to decorate your room’s interior.

  • Single hung: These are similar to double hung windows, but instead of two sashes, there is only one sash to open the window.

  • Sliding: In this type, windows get opened with slides. The rail is installed on the flue and slides are fixed in rail to slide horizontally. These windows look stylish and magnificent for modern houses.

  • Casement: the casement windows are designed for perfect ventilation, natural light and to balance the temperature of your rooms. They come in many designs and different styles. They give you a perfect unobstructed view of your outside if you fond of enjoying the views of nature.

  • Gliders: If you want your window to be easily operable, then definitely you should go for Gliders. It is very to open and shut them. Besides this, they give you a great view and also, they have a wonderful look.

  • Picture windows: They are highly preferable for the person who doesn't like the interference of other people. These are fixed windows, so not operable by the user. These windows even don't pass the light to your rooms. So, to stop the penetration of other people, you should go for picture windows.

These are some frames that you can bring them for your home but still, there are a great number of frames with elegant and glazing styles that can make your home perfect.

Which type of wood is best for your wooden windows?

If we go in the market to buy wooden windows, you may confuse to select a wood type for your window. Here we give you a description of them, you may choose them according to their properties.

Oak: It is less flexible, so one can't manage it easily. But it is highly resistible towards climate and material will be long-lasting.

Sequoia: This type of wood is better for those who live in a highly climate changing environment, as this wood supports climatic changes.

Pinewood: These woods are easily operable but not have enough strength or rigidness. For security reasons.

Iroko: They are best for tropical regions because they have a property of resistance towards humidity.

It is mandatory that you must choose wood according to your climate conditions. Be careful while purchasing!

Advantages of wooden windows:

If you are thinking to install wooden windows in your homes, then you should know why they are better. Here we showed you some benefits which definitely increase your confidence to establish these windows.

Wooden windows are great inefficiency in insulation than the metals. It is expected 400 times better insulation than the steel frames. So, it is great for the safety of the home.


  • These windows are very easy to install. It can be done simply with the help of the carpenters as they are experts in making micro adjustments to wooden frames

  • These are perfect for low carbon homes. It is sustainable for the environment. It is an eco-friendly glazing option.

  • If it has properly cared then it can last for a very lifetime and can contribute to a beautiful façade.

Disadvantages of wooden windows:

Of course, all things have disadvantages which decrease their efficiency. To give you a clear look about wooden windows, we present you some cons of them.

  • Wooden windows demand a great schedule of management and maintenance with frequent treating and painting

  • The main disadvantage of wooden frames is that it is not suitable for the homes near the coastal areas or those that are exposed to the harsh environment as the material has very great chances of rot out.

  • Most of the time it is seen that the costs of the wooden windows are much high than the other materials. The necessary part of bespoke carpentry comes at a premium. The price of the wooden window also depends on the type of wood you use.

How to save wooden windows from getting damaged?

As already mentioned, woods are very sensitive to the harsh environment so they need to have properly cared and prevention. Here are some steps that you should adopt for the better of your wooden windows.

  • You should keep the windows clean regularly to prevent the mildew from forming rot. You can also utilize the washer pressure wash but endeavor to dry them afterward.

  • You need to check the water penetration spot if there is any and get rid of that asap. Otherwise, it can cause harm to your window.

  • The rotting timber should be replaced with the fresh timber as the former may spread to the other areas and your glass become loose.

  • To prevent the swelling and shrinkage it is suggested to use grease regularly for your opening mechanism.

  • You also have to take care of windows from the insects. Insects can take residency in your window that may cause. These can prove pesky. So, to avoid it open the window daily for a while.

  • Prevention is better than cure so try to adopt a regular schedule of sanding and repainting or varnishing.

Price of types of wooden windows:

Types of Wooden Windows

Price List

Designer Wooden Window

Rs 3,000 /onwards

Solid Wooden Window

Rs 3,000 /onwards

Wooden Window for Hotel

Rs 3,000 /onwards

Designer Wooden Window

Rs 350 /Square Feet

French Wooden Window

Rs 600/ Unit

Casement Wooden Window

Rs 550/ Unit

Handcrafted Wooden Window

Rs 650 /Square Feet