How does Solar LED Street Light work?

In the working models of street light technology, the latest designs are the use of wireless technology that also has a fuzzy control theory in its battery management. It will enable the Solar LED street lights more desirable. These Solar LED street lights that use this technology can also be made into a network for operations with the easy mode in regulating the timings to lit the Solar LED street lights. There wouldn’t be needing heavy labour for this purpose.

There are four main parts in Solar LED Street Lights that helps to analyze it while buying.

Solar Panel, Lighting Fixture, Rechargeable Battery and the Pole.

  • The solar panel helps in converting solar energy into electricity, and there are two types- mono-crystalline and polycrystalline. Mono-crystalline solar panel conversion when compared is much higher than that of poly-crystalline conversion rate.

  • Lighting Fixture, in this case, is LED which is also widely used in the modern solar street light. LED provides much higher Lumens with a lower energy consumption rate. Hence, it is the most beneficial one for this sort of street lights that are not supported by the electric board.

  • Rechargeable Battery helps in storing electricity that is accumulated by the solar panel in the day and likewise can provide a good energy source the night. The life cycle of the battery determines the worth of the light and is, hence, an essential component of this frame and while buying this has to be checked.

  • Then comes the Pole that holds all the other parts together in the Solar LED Street Lights. It has to be strong and necessarily be in fixtures for resisting wind.

Also, there are some accessories like foundation cage and battery box, etc. that help in the Solar LED Street Lights working properly.

Advantages of having Solar LED Street Lights

  • Solar LED street lights working costs are low and are independent in the utility grid.

  • Solar LED street lights require very minimal maintenance.

  • Since there are external wire eliminated there is a very low-risk factor.

  • It is non-polluting and the best sustainable source of electricity.

  • It’s an easy assemble parts that can be separately carried to any remote areas.

  • It’s overall saving the present and also the cost.

Solar LED Street Lights Disadvantage

  • The Initial investment cost is very higher than a common street light.

  • People tend to steal the valuable parts of these lights.

  • Snow, dust and moist can spoil the panel that can reduce and even stop energy production.

  • Replacement of the rechargeable batteries are also necessary and can cost high.

  • The battery charge and discharge cycles are also another factors in Solar LED Street Lights.

But still, the energy consumption can be reduced in half with the fixture of Solar LED Street Lights. India is a nation with a very high population and consists of a very limited fossil to keep the turbines on. The natural resources are depleting, and buying Solar LED Street Lights can help in saving all these troubles of electricity board.

If one is in search of best LED solar street lights manufacturers in India, then it is time that you find the right choice with a clear idea about the Solar LED Street Lights from above. There are plenty of brands to claim best in the markets, but in India, there are very few that are authentic.

Solar street light manufacturers of India

1. Intersolar System Private Limited is one of the best Solar street light manufacturers of India who also uses LED as its Lighting Fixture. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the field of solar. They serve the nation with quality products and services from the year 1997.

2. Nine-star system is India’s top solar street light manufacturers. Even though this is an Indian company with a wide Indian market, they have expanded their trade through exporting premium quality solar LED street lights. Their products are considered to be performance efficient than cost.

3. S.S Solar Energy or the Solar street lights

S.S Solar Energy or the Solar street lights manufacturers is situated in Noida. They make quality products at a cost-effective rate. They include the best products like solar street pole lights, and the best working solar street LED lights.

4. Amrut Energy Private Limited is a Solar Light Supplier in India which has its suppliers of solar street lights across the Indian sub-continent. Based at Ahmedabad, the company aims at the use of the best technology in manufacturing the street lights which can help the lights to be more utilizable even at an affordable price.

5. Focusun Energy System

Focusun Energy system is one of the best south Indian Solar street light manufacturer that is located in Coimbatore. They have the most efficient solar lights in almost every sense. This company is known for its quality products at an affordable price.

These are some of the few companies in India that manufacture the best in Solar LED Street Lights and are compatible with each other. Many different shapes, structure, and requirements will enable to set the cost price of the solar LED street lights. Even when this has its cons, the Solar LED Street Lights step towards the protection of the carbon footprint through simple means.