Solar street lights have an automatic approach as they switch on by themselves as soon as starts getting dark. We can get multiple benefits by switching regular streets lights with these as this as an eco-friendly alternative. It also reduces the money spent on huge electricity consumption.

The solar street lights working is based on the working of photovoltaic cells. The cells work by absorbing the sun rays and then change it into electric energy. This conversion of solar energy to electric energy is saved in batteries.

These lamps have automatic working which means the lamps turns off by themselves. This automatic switch with the help of sensors helps in energy saving. Solar power is getting increasing popularity as a dependable source for street lighting all over the world.

Why do we require Solar Street Light?

We require solar street lights as they direct us towards a sustainable future. It is a maintenance-free alternative to our energy needs. Solar streets lights are also made with resourceful sensors which make sure to have a great energy saving. They also eliminate the dependency of the street lights on the power grid.

Solar Street light uses lithium-ion batteries. The Solar street light with battery requires around 5-7 hours for charging and gives us the back up of around 2-3 days, depending upon the hours of usage.

There are unending benefits of solar energy. Some of the benefits associated with solar street lights include:

  • Reduced dependence on conventional energy

  • Conservation of energy

  • Less reliance on the national grid

  • Also, solar energy is inexhaustible, pollution free and a renewable energy source.  

Components of Solar Street Light

There are various different parts involved in a Solar Street light. Here mentioned are some of the common Solar Street light components used by most manufacturers.

  • Solar Panel Assembly - It contains three major parts, namely: the solar panel assembly, hardware and the mounting bracket. You cannot just simply fix a solar panel to a pole. You require these components to do the same.

  • Solar Battery Assembly- This consists of the batteries and wiring required to attach to the solar panel assembly and light arrangements.

  • Light controls- These controls are usually provided in the Solar Street Light battery box to facilitate the working of automatic on and off switching.

  • Solar Light Fixture- The lamps that are required to illuminate are fixed in this component of the street light.

  • The Fixture Mounting Bracket- It helps in setting the height of the pole where all the remaining fixtures are to be done.

  • Pole- It is the final component used to stand any solar street light. It should be tall and strong enough.

Types of Solar Street Lights

  • Off-Grid Split Type Solar Street Light System- In an Off-grid split type solar street light system, each pole has an individual unit. It comprises of the solar panel, a battery, a light controller, and an LED light.

  • Grid-Tie Solar Street Light System- This system is divided into two different types -

  • Single inverter- this option is good for areas with areas having full-fledged sunlight as it requires a complete sun oriented fixture that can give the required energy to the arrangement of LED lights. It requires a huge arrangement.

  • Microinverter- it does not require a huge arrangement. It has individual inverters on each pole for LED lights.

  • Solar and Wind Hybrid Solar Street Light System- This solar street light system combine the two best renewable resources, wind and solar. It is best for the harsh climate and otherwise also the most efficient. It uses two sources of energy, producing a large amount of energy.     

  • All in one Street Light System- This has an automatic motion sensor which helps it in dimming the lights as and when required, to enhance energy saving.

Advantages of solar street lights

  • Solar street lights do not require any utility grid which lessens the cost and hassle of the setup.

  • They require very less maintenance as compared to the other street lights.

  • They are more efficient as they use the sun’s heat to charge up, which saves a lot of cost of electricity.

  • They do not heat up at all, as they are wireless and hence such problems do not arise.

  • It is very eco-friendly, as it uses a clean, pollution-free and easily accessible source of energy contributing to a sustainable future.

  • These can easily be installed even in remote areas providing them with properly lit roads, avoiding accidents.

  • Technology is advancing in the field of solar energy, which creates scope for new updates and advancements.

  • It is a renewable resource of energy as we are getting it from the sun, which means it is going to work until the sun shines, which will be for a lifetime.

  • It automatically adjusts even in bad weather conditions.

  • It uses a very easy installation process, which is not even expensive. It cutbacks on electricity bills.

  • It is a non-conventional source of energy.

Top Solar Street Light Manufacturers in India

Philips is one of the top Solar Street Light Manufacturer in India, for its brand value and the quality that it delivers. A rough idea about the Philips solar street light price for a 25W LED bulb is Rs 13,500 per piece. Sukum is again a top company delivering the best quality and most efficient lights. Sukam solar street light price for a 26W LED bulb is Rs 12,990. One can also opt for different solar street lights according to their requirements.